Protective Bases – Direct Burial Site Lighting Poles and Columns

ArtFORMS® Concrete Forms can be supplied as split-forms for ‘clam-shelling’ the two form halves around the direct burial pole, or column. With the use of supplied steel fastening bands and fastening clips by the base installer for firmly securing the two ArtFORMS® form halves together, in place, prior to the readymix concrete pour between the pole/column and the inside surface of the clam-shelled ArtFORMS® form.

It is suggested that the ArtFORMS® CAD Detail Dwgs (Installation) which are available on the CAD Drawings & Specs page of this website, be modified by the Specifier, as required, to reflect the applicable split-form / clam-shelling detail.

Learn how to install an ArtFORMS architectural concrete base for a site lighting pole on a typical building jobsite with this informative video.

ArtFORMS® Explainer Video

(1min:40sec. Best viewed on full screen, with sound)

To view detail drawings for ArtFORMS® base installations, click CAD Drawings & Specs