Protective / Security Bollards

Installing a concrete base over an existing direct buried lighting pole or column involves the following steps to ensure proper integration and stability:

1. Assessment and Preparation:

- Inspection: Begin by inspecting the existing direct buried lighting pole to ensure it is in good condition and suitable for the installation of a concrete base.

- Site Preparation: Clear the area around the pole, removing any debris or obstructions that may interfere with the installation.

2. Formwork Setup:

- Form Placement: Position the formwork around the existing lighting pole. Ensure that the form is securely anchored and level to create a stable mold for the concrete base.

- Alignment: Carefully align the formwork to ensure the new concrete base will be centered and properly aligned with the pole.

3. Concrete Pouring:

- Mixing: Prepare the concrete mix according to specifications suitable for structural integrity and durability.

- Pouring: Pour the concrete into the formwork, ensuring it flows evenly and fills the space around the pole.

- Vibration: Use vibration techniques to remove air pockets and ensure the concrete is densely packed around the pole.

4. Finishing:

- Surface Smoothing: Smooth the surface of the concrete base using appropriate finishing tools to achieve the desired texture and appearance.

- Curing: Allow the concrete to cure properly by following recommended curing times and methods to ensure maximum strength and durability.

5. Form Removal and Cleanup:

- Form Removal:
Once the concrete has sufficiently cured, carefully remove the formwork without disturbing the new base.

- Final Inspection: Conduct a final inspection to ensure the base is securely anchored and the installation meets all safety and design standards.

6. Optional Enhancements:

- Coatings or Treatments:
Apply any additional coatings or treatments to enhance the appearance, durability, or functionality of the concrete base as needed.

This process results in a robust, visually appealing concrete base that enhances the stability and aesthetic of the existing direct buried lighting pole or column.

ArtFORMS® Explainer Video

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